Items as Metaphors of Inquiry

As we started Inquiry class this morning Yvonne handed everyone a child’s goody bag with a variety of objects in it and told us that each item was a metaphor for our inquiry. As I began to look at the items and discuss them with my partner it became clear that some items could have multiple meanings depending on the context and your personal back ground. I’ve decided to share my personal favourite interpretations with you.

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Google Eyes= Keep your eyes open and observe the world

Eraser= It’s ok to make mistakes, It’s not a fail it’s a First Attempt In Learning

Hat Silly Band= be flexible and explore the world

Heart Bead= Follow your heart and be loving

Chocolate kisses= Keep it sweet, everyone has many layers

Hand= Lend a helping hand

Feather= Spread your wings and fly

Dice= Take chances

Life saver= Keep a fresh outlook

Stars= everyone is a star, Give every student a chance to shine

Flowers= Growth

Monkey Bag = Have fun, Life is full of suprises

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  1. Yvonne Dawydiak says:

    Thank you Amanda. I like that you picked up on the bag also being a part of the activity! Your metaphors – in particular the eraser – speak to me and help to illustrate the power of metaphor in learning.

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