Inquiring into a Shell


For our nature inquiry activity I chose to bring a shell because it represents many different things about me. I found my shell this past summer on a shell beach about an hour’s boat ride away from where my family was staying on Goose Bay. The setting in which I found the shell is very unique, instead of the beach being made of rocks or covered in sand it was a glittering white color that from a distance looked like a tropical beach but as we approached the beach it was made of tiny fragments of white shells. Most of the shells were clam shells with a few oyster and mussel shells mixed it. My shell stood out on this beach it was the largest shell on the beach and the only one of this shape. The shell had obviously been sitting on the beach for some time as its broken edges have been worn smooth by the waves and it shows signs of animals or “ bugs” creating small holes in one side of the shell.  When I saw the shell I quietly slipped it into my pocket as my mom, aunts and cousins were also looking for shells and pretty rocks.  Our beach walk and combing was part of a long but awesome day on the water, we were on the water for 12 hours total that day over the course of the day. This was one of our breaks on land to stretch our legs.


I also chose my shell because it represents my love of the water; I feel most at peace when I am on the water or near the ocean. To me it is a place of calm, listening to the waves lap at the shore or feeling the rocking of the boat. I also like feeling the wind against my cheeks and my hair blowing around and whipping into my eyes. On the water I am calm and relaxed as the sounds and motions of the water cradle and protect me.

shell 2


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