Thanksgiving in the Classroom

As I’m looking forward to tonight’s turkey dinner I am reminded of my own expediences in elementary school. Talking about the Pilgrims which as I learned on Friday were never in Canada, this surprised me to say the least.  This has lead to a few of my own questions about the holiday as my understanding of it’s origins has been turned completely upside down! My own memories of my elementary school years we talked about the starving Pilgrims and how the First Nations peoples saved them by brining the foods such as corn, squash and beans because they would not have survived the winter with out them. This week I learned that that’s the American side of the story. In doing a quick Google search and using Friday’s ” Daily News” article I’ve been able to answer a few of my questions, I am aware that Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable source but I like to use it as a jumping off point to begin my research on and to help me to develop my inquiry questions from there once I have a basic understanding and some basic knowledge of the topic.

Using Wikipedia I have learned that the first Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1578, 42 years before it was celebrated at Plymouth Rock! The Canadian Celebration began as a way to celebrate surviving a dangerous voyage across the Northern Atlantic Ocean.  There are many different stories about how Thanksgiving came to be in Canada and each needs investigation. How ever the purpose for the holiday has reminded the same and has continued to this day, the holiday will continue to evolve as the culture in which we live evolves but it’s meaning hopefully will not change.

thanks giving 4

I am Thankful for My Family and Friends and being part of a Great Cohort of the UBC B.Ed Program. You guys all are awesome!thanks giving 3

A Sample Thanks Giving display by Roxanne Madryga. I love how she models what she is teaching us to do and incorporates literature into her lessons. Her displays are always a great way to start me thinking about the theme for the day. thanks giving 2

What every one is thankful for. We are a very thankful group!.



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