Preparing for My First Lesson

Today is my last day on campus at UBC for 2.5 weeks! By the time we come back it will be the second week of November and nearing the end of my first term here at UBC. I’m really going to miss my classmates on campus and our family like supportive atmosphere. I’m surprised that we have become such a close group over the past 7-8 weeks.   As I’m looking forward to my first practicum period I’m also looking forward to teaching for the first time tomorrow.  I am doing my read aloud activity and have written a lesson that I am hoping will go well on the topic of peace , which looking at the events going on in the world today and with what has happened in Ottawa this morning is a topic that I hope will resonate with the students in the classroom and they are able to draw personal connections to the story and when they feel peace. The story by Suzana E Yoder, is called ” Sensing Peace” and is a lovely book that would be appropriate for students K-12 as every person can make a personal connection to the concepts in the book and the illustrations draw the eye of the reader.   I have about 1 hour of activities planned to present and help students to connect with the material as well as how others may feel about the material.


Planning my lesson also had me create a work sheet for the first time as I could not find one that I liked to get the students to reflect on the story. The ones I found using many sources asked comprehension questions but did not ask the students to think deeper and make personal connections.  I am hoping that my students will be able to find their unique connection to the story. From making their personal connections to the text I am hoping that they will be able to participate in a class discussion where they share when they sense peace. I am hoping that this will be a safe and supportive environment that encourages all students to share.

As I am in a very creative classroom I have included an art based activity that is one I have greatly enjoyed when I participated in it in the past as the student and one that I have seen students create meaningful pieces of art.  The art activity has the students listen to 4 contrasting pieces of music and draw what each of piece makes the student feel as they listen to it, they only requirement of the students is that they participate the whole time, they may draw what every they wish using any materials that they have in their desks.  This week’s art activity focuses on the process of creation and the feelings that the students feel.  I am hoping that this activity will encourage students who are reluctant to participate in art will encourage them to try something new. I have felt that when the student in this situation and I did the draw while listening to music activity I have been able to let go of my fears about drawing and actually create. I have one of the drawings I did during this type of exercise attached to my bulletin board at home.


This is my Lesson Plan for those that would like to see it Read Aloud Oct 23

This is the work sheet and drawing pages to go with the lesson: sensing peace package

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