A Peaceful Day in Division 4

Today was centred on Peace in Division 4, while there’s never a dull moment in the classroom we did many things today around the concept of peace, from dance and drama activities, to stories, to discussion peace was on all of our minds today.

My day started with a very unexpected message from Corporal Christopher Alliston, I thought it would be a few days before we heard from him but around 3:00 this morning my phone went off and showed that their was a Facebook message from him. Instead of reading it right away I went back to sleep saving it for later when I was more alert. When I opened the message this morning I was surprised to see several photos of him and his friends, I had been told that he was sending a photo of himself and some of his “buddies” as he calls them , I didn’t expect to get it so soon.

Pher 1

This is one of the photos I woke up to this morning.

I showed the photo to my class after recess today and it became a great inquiry activity! We began by asking the students to make observations about the soldiers first then about the environment. The students began to make connections between what they observed and where we are in Langley. They’ve also began to ask questions about Poland and the country it’s self trying to build an understanding of what life is like in Poland both for the citizens there and to look at what some of the possible differences our friends in the military might be experiencing. Tomorrow we will be looking at the geography of Poland ( I love geography), as well as cultural difference as the students will be asking their own questions about Poland. I’ll try to post the questions and answers here.


We continued peace for preforming arts today. With the students combining dance, spoken word and tableaux to create our vision of peace. I have 8 girls dancing all of whom have a dance background in various forms from ballet , to jazz as well as musical theatre hip hop and folk dances.  They were fabulous to work with this morning as we were dancing, they showed an obvious joy in their movements and in being able to share their love of dance this way. I also loved being able to share one of my passions and hobbies with my students this way as I used the dance form that is dearest to me , our dance is ballet based and uses soft gentle sweeping movements that were chosen to create a sense of peace. I hope to have many more opportunities to bring my passions into the classroom and use them to help students connect with new concepts. Today’s preforming arts activities helped students connect what we have been talking about in social studies and language arts to their movement and having discussed using our senses to look at peace. We are hoping that our voices and movements will help the rest of the school Sense Peace and use their vision and hearing to sense peace.


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