The Day I Got Trapped In a Snow Globe

As winter is quickly approaching, the days are getting colder and shorter and my students minds are starting to wander to the up coming holidays and winter vacation. So this past week we our creative writing took on a wintry theme, with the prompt ” The day I got trapped in a snow globe.” Before the students could get started on their own writing as a class we discussed setting and using our 5 senses as well as time to describe settings. We came up with tastes like : cinnamon, candy cane, hot chocolate and ginger bread. Smells such as vanilla, wood smoke, ever green trees, and fresh baked cookies. They thought they would see, falling snow, snow people, reindeer, people, children and hear jingle bells , laughter, voices calling and children playing. They thought they would touch cold wet snow, and perhaps the ground would shake when some one shook the snow globe.

I would like to be trapped in a snow globe because it would be fun and quiet everyday. I would be the only one in the snow globe except for my snow brothers. My snow brothers are people that I would build. They will have look just like people and they will be alive so that we can play together. It’s cold in the snow globe so that my snow brothers don’t melt. We will build snow tunnels and make a giant fort. – Grade 4

On the frostiest day of the year I woke up and I got dressed, eat breakfast and then I grabbed my sled and my skates and I went out to sled, skate, and play hockey with my friends. I went sledding first and before you know it I was sledding down great hill summit. I was racing down faster than a cyclist then it hit me. I was flying then suddenly I stopped I hit the strong glass of the snow globe. As soon as I got up It took about 30 minutes to get up because the snow was so deep and I was hurt badly then I went to my friends houses and told them my discovery and then we all skated together and played hockey. My friends think i’m hallucinating but I really am not and my family thinks I am hallucinating too but don’t care. But every day I sit and wonder how did I get stuck in a snow globe? – Grade 4

I felt something it felt hard and not like anything I felt before. I peeked through the sparkling silver snow and at that moment I knew we were stuck in a snow globe.
The first thing I could think of is ….
what would my mom say! It was a horrific in there. I wish you could see how amazing it was in their I wish you could just stand there and hear nothing. You are probably wondering if anyone else is in in here with me?There isn’t only Cody, Dailynn, and Ella.I think that is because you had to be the one to touch the snow globe or maybe the snow globe thought they were cute and put them in here anyway.Even though Ella is only 5 years old she thought
of a GREAT idea. She thought we could dig down to the bottom of the snow globe and turn it off.So we tried that
and it worked! – Grade 5



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