My understandings for Praticum

Google Calendar

Dates of key events and where Yvonne will be. We are responsible to book one observation when Yvonne is at our school, an observation should be done every 5-8 days. SA is to observe once a week. For the first half, after the mid point we will be teaching full load and Yvonne will pop in randomly for formal observations. We are also welcome to request observations if we have something we are excited to share or show. Yvonne can observe even when it is not direct teaching, looking at technology integration and / or personalization. This is important for the final report and references.


Final Report

We can have some input on the final report, we can share what we want others to know, things that are highlights and key learnings. This should be updated regularly and be an on going record of our learnings. There will be prompts and guiding questions to help us answer the questions and share what we want in thew final report. This is our only opportunity to contribute to our final reports.


Reflective Practice

Once a Week minimum requirement, using the class blog we can make comments or unique postings to the class blog. Using comments we can reply to others and this will count to work. Posts will be categorized and all appear in one page on the course blog. If you want to post something to share take the time to and feel free to post. This will be it’s own unique course linked to practicum reflections, you can link this to your own blog as well. If you take notes as a voice thread it may be uploaded as well


Letter to parent communities

Focus on the new things going on in the classroom and what we will be learning about and doing. This should be sent to your SA first and have the administrator look at it before sending to the parents. Aim to send it out early in the week, ask the Admin always before sending.


Taking Initiative

Could include:

  • teams or activities
  • organize speakers
  • setting up field trips
  • organize things around the school
  • help with special events


Keep notes on what you are doing in your class that relates to your inquiry project. I am aiming to find time to use different stratagies to encourage creative thinking and practice it in my classroom. Build in time for students to do inquiry projects.



It is a tradition, we will all do it, there will be a TOC day, lesson plans will be done so far in advance and detailed plans will be there daily. Call will come from HR / Yvonne that you will be TOCing. You will be told where you are going and what grade you may go to a completely different grade level or a more challenging class.  This is a good time to see what others have been doing and their classes. This will avoid class special events. We will have the TOC info packet around the mid-point.


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  1. Yvonne Dawydiak says:

    Thanks Amanda, you came away with a clear understanding of what we discussed. Remember that it is your responsibility to share on our calendar any special events at your school so that I can try to avoid them… All the best! I know you’re ready and looking forward to this next adventure!

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