CFE Week 2

Week 2 of my CFE had fewer photo ready or appropriate moments. On Monday I got to spend the day building bird houses with several classes and discovered that the more you break down the steps the more successful the students are at accomplishing the task. Managing a whole class with hammers and nails was a daunting task at first but once we go over what the hammer should hit ( nails) and should not hit ( people).  I also got to see several school presentations a  Frog presentation  and a bug presentation, both were very engaging to the k/1 class that they were shared with.  I spent some time doing GIS work as well mapping the streets that have been adopted as part of the adopt a block program.


Sunday was the Father’s Day Fish Release where we released 5000 Chinook Salmon Fry into the Alouette river. There were many families that came by and several thousand fish released. At the end of the day there were still about 2000 fish left in the tank and they had to go into the river some how so a pipe was connected to the tank and the fish were guided by gravity into the river and the fish rushed down the pipe and splashed into the river.

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