My Education Journey

I have always had a passion for maps and mapping and have explored the concept of mapping with my students this year. I decided to bring my love of maps to my e-portfolio. The map is interactive , click on each of the points to see how they have shaped my journey. The lines show the connections between the points, most of them connect to home as that is where I both navigate from and see my journey as having started.

On my map I can see where I have been but can not yet reveal where I am going as I am unsure what the future will bring. I have been hired as a TOC in a local school district, that is the next leg of my journey, I hope to one day have my own classroom but at this time I am preparing for the adventure that is TOCing.

“Education and creativity are journeys that spiral and criss-cross each other neither is a linear path. Creativity to me is like paddling along a winding river as if the river alluded to In the Garth Brooks song in the dream section. I envision education as a winding trail from mountain peak to mountain peak, up the mountain sides then back down through the valleys. In my life, the river of my creativity has wound through the valley as I have crossed from mountain peak to mountain peak on my educational journey. The two journeys have worked together to propel me forward and I am not able to separate them from each other. This year and this project is another phase in those journeys as I explore new Information and new theories. I am climbing towards the peak of a new mountain; yet I am following the river of creativity and daring to dance the tides as I explore digital storytelling and book creation for the first time. As teachers we act as “guides” on our student’s journeys we meet them where they are and travel with them for a short while . We are on a road together and often it will seem crazy, following our own roads as we are propelled down them by life and guiding students down their own. All we can be is a guide for students; we can pick them up when they fall down, guide them through the rapids and dance the tides with them (Brooks, 1992). We direct them to familiar landmarks, but recognize that their stops may not be our own. We celebrate with our students when they reach new peaks, and create a soft landing when they come tumbling down the mountain. We travel the road together like an experienced guide; though we may never reach the wisdom of wise old wizards like Gandolph and Dumbledore. Creatively we are always on a journey as well weather that is exploring with new mediums and techniques or pushing something we are familiar with further than it was before. We take our journeys together meeting people on out paths that both help and hinder us. As teacher, we must be mindful of helping our student’s weather they are reaching the peak, or bouncing through the rapids.

”  – J is for Journey

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