My Plan for Growth


As a teacher it is important to keep learning and developing, the world that we live in is constantly changing and we need to adapt and change with it. I am looking forward to continuing to grow and learn from the colleagues that I meet and the students that I get the opportunity to work with.

I am beginning to participate in informal professional development through ed-chats on twitter and communicating with others through that medium. I particularly enjoy learning from the other educators using the hash tag #tlap, this is a community of educators who have been inspired by the philosophy of education presented in” Teach Like a Pirate” by Dave Burgess. This book has been a big influence on my philosophy of education.  I also find that TED talks can be helpful resources for teachers and students. I have viewed Ted talks that were assigned as course readings, I also found many that were inspirational and informed what I was teaching in the classroom or my philosophy of teaching.

I am also looking forward to attending workshops with other professionals, hearing what they have to say, and learning from them.  I also want to attend more ed-camp type events because I found the discussions at the one I attended to be very valuable. I have registered to see Adrienne Gear at the end of this month to look at non-fiction writing.


I plan to continue to learn more about using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the classroom and adapting and growing my approach to it and the ways I use it in the classroom. I am hoping to continue to work with my own mentor from my Undergraduate degree to grow my skills and understanding.  I hope to one day attend the ESRI User Conference to learn from others using GIS and to continue to stay in contact with the Canadian Association of Geographers and the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers to stay on top of the latest news in GIS and geography. I want to bring my passion for geography into the classroom, which means that I need to stay on top of the latest news and developments in geography. I have chosen to get in contact and stay in touch with the groups that are located closest to me because they have relevant content to my area to share with my students that is both current and Canadian.


I am looking forward to see whom I will meet and what I will learn along this journey. I know that growth can happen in many ways and at any time. I am open to any opportunities to learn that come my way.

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