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Merry Christmas

This website is hosted on a Raspberry Pi in Vancouver. Hope you find it useful. Love, Blaise

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The School Year So Far

Wow the first 10 weeks of the school year have absolutely flown by. I love what I am doing and now know that I made the right choice for me.  I only subbed full time for two weeks before I had an interview … Continue reading

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Valuing Creativity in the Classroom

  C is For Create   I spent this year looking at Creativity in the classroom as my inquiry project. I have been passionate about creativity and education since I was in grade 4 when I presented my first speech … Continue reading

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Outdoor Place Based Learning

What happens when you take a class of 30 students out doors? laughter deep thinking exploration getting messy challenging assumptions hands on learning experiential learning place based learning happy students smiles All of the above? I had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Geographic Information Systems in the Classroom

  I was first introduced to GIS as an undergraduate student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and at first I found the discipline challenging, I found learning to use the soft-wear difficult as ArcGIS seemed counter intuitive at first.  it wasn’t … Continue reading

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CFE Week 2

Week 2 of my CFE had fewer photo ready or appropriate moments. On Monday I got to spend the day building bird houses with several classes and discovered that the more you break down the steps the more successful the … Continue reading

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CFE week 1

  I forgot to press publish on this last week. I have chosen to do a photo collection each week because pictures often tell more than words do.   The highlights in week one included a WET or Watershed Ecology … Continue reading

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My understandings for Praticum

Google Calendar Dates of key events and where Yvonne will be. We are responsible to book one observation when Yvonne is at our school, an observation should be done every 5-8 days. SA is to observe once a week. For … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year and Jump Rope for Heart

This Thursday was yet another busy day in Division 4. This week we were doing stations for Chinese New Year and a read aloud on the topic. I started the lesson by introducing the topic for the day with a short … Continue reading

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The Day I Got Trapped In a Snow Globe

As winter is quickly approaching, the days are getting colder and shorter and my students minds are starting to wander to the up coming holidays and winter vacation. So this past week we our creative writing took on a wintry … Continue reading

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